On the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Nankai University, the former Prime Minister as well as the alumnus of Nankai Middle School, Wen Jiabao talked about the development of Nankai University. He said: “Nankai people always get their destiny tied to the destiny of the state and the nation. This is true no matter in the age of war or in the period of peace.” He encouraged Nankai people to “stick to Nankai’s way, keep enhancing Nankai character and hold onto Nankai spirit.” Nankai University should take it as its mission to cultivate managerial talents with Nankai characteristics. In the development history of nearly 100 years, Nankai University has been adhering to the motto “dedication to the public interests, acquisition of well-rounded capability and aspiration for daily progress,” and characterizing its development with dedication to the public interests and acquisition of personal abilities, innovation, and services to the society. In view of Nankai’s characteristics and the current situation of the school, the Business School, after repeated discussions and consultations with multiple parties, defines its mission as follows: leading the innovation, serving the society and cultivating managerial elites with dedication spirits and well-rounded abilities.


(1) Leading the Innovation
The Business School is committed to innovating managerial knowledge and passing the comprehensive and innovative knowledge to students. The school faculty is actively engaged in innovative studies and has made fruitful academic achievements. Their research output takes the lead in China in the fields of corporate governance, Entrepreneurship management, service management, project management, international marketing, labor relations, corporate investment and financing, corporate culture, etc. In particular, the programs of Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship Management have developed into the most influential academic research base and innovation center in China. According to the assessment of the first-level disciplines by the China Ministry of Education, Nankai’s discipline of MBA ranked the third and the sixth in 2006 and 2012 respectively.

In addition, the Business School boosts an academic journal “Nankai Business Review,” with extensive and strong influence management and business. According to the grading by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI), the most authoritative index in China, “Nankai Business Review” ranks the second among the 25 high-quality journals of management. Its English version is now in print. 

The Business School encourages the teachers to apply for the research fund for the sake of creating knowledge, such as the funding from the National Science Foundation, Social Science Foundation and the educational funding from other government organizations and enterprises. In 2012, the off-campus research funds to the Business School totaled up to RMB11 million.

(2) Serving Society
In comparison with other schools, the Business School lays more emphasis on practice. Making full use of its leading academic advantages, the Business School conducts research on major social issues in the hope of creating knowledge and serving the society. For example, the School developed the Nankai Corporate Governance Index, which has been adopted for eight years by CCTV as the index system in evaluating "CCTV Most Valuable Listed Company." It also helped CCTV with the brand design and offered designing advice on the opening of the channel “Documentary.” At the call of the China Ministry of Education, the Business School took an active part in drafting the “Basic Requirements for Entrepreneurship Education in Institutions of Higher Education.” It has been providing decision-making consultancy on finance, corporate governance, and entrepreneurship management for Tianjin Municipal Government, and providing decision-making consultancy on finance and logistics for the development of Binhai New Area. In cooperation with Hengan Life Insurance Standard Corporation, the Business School has developed “Hengan Standard Life Insurance Index,” which is highly acclaimed by the regulatory authorities and the business community. Besides, the School has been offering decision-making consulting services to over a hundred enterprises on strategy, finance, project management, and marketing. It cooperates with government and international institutes in training talents for the society. For example, in cooperation with the All-China Women’s Federation, it has helped train the executivecommitteemembers of theAll-ChinaWomen'sFederation; in cooperation with the Tianjin Financial Work Commission, it has offered training courses on financial organizations and corporate governance; it has offered free training courses on women’s entrepreneurship at the Women Entrepreneurship Center; it has coworked for three times with the World Bank in training the instructors of corporate governance. 

(3) Dedication to the Public Interests and Acquisition of Well-rounded Capability
"Dedication to the public interests, acquisition of well-rounded capability and aspiration for daily progress” is the motto as well as the core value of Nankai University. On the basis of cultivating the moral character in the students, Nankai University calls its students and teachers to follow the principles of “Patriotism, Dedication, Innovation, and Gregariousness” as the standard codes of conduct. 

Guided by the mission “leading the innovation, serving the society and cultivating managerial elites with dedication spirits and well-rounded abilities,” Nankai’s Business School defines its development goal as building a business school that is renowned in the world and leading in China.