1.Hardware Facilities

The Business School owns a 10-storey modern building with a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters. The building boosts with multi-media classrooms, faculty offices, conference rooms, library, four computer labs and a multi-functional hall. There are in all 21 MBA-exclusive classrooms equipped with wireless or wired networks, computers and projectors, megaphones and so on, mainly used for the teaching activities in MBA program; 12 rooms for MBA seminars and group discussions, each room equipped with wireless networks, removable chairs, computers and projectors in support of MBA teaching and students’ case discussions in groups and students’ extracurricular communication; a big lecture hall with 360 seats and a small one with 180 seats, both hall equipped with computers, projectors, Wi-Fi, and megaphones, mainly used for domestic or foreign scholars to give academic reports and lectures; a multi-functional hall for the extracurricular communication and activities of the students, such as tea party for students, MBA career development activities, large-scaled simulated recruitment of MBA talents, corporate campus recruitment, body-building activities and sports meeting, and large-scaled cultural show by students, etc. Besides, there are 115 teaching studios, 4 multimedia labs and 2 network platforms in the Business School.

2.Software Support
There are plenty of books on economics and management and sufficient databases, which can fully meet the needs of MBA/EMBA education at Nankai University.

(1) Construction of Modern Libraries
There are over 2,000 seats in Nankai library with a total area of 32,200 square meters. After years’ accumulation, there are now more than 3,410,000 books including 2,280,000 Chinese books, 60,000 foreign books in over 20 languages and nearly 3,000 Chinese and foreign journals and periodicals. The library has a richer collection in the disciplines of economics, management, history, mathematics, and chemistry. The library of Nankai University provides its students with a good environment for study and research and the two branch libraries of economics and management are an important part of Nankai library, which are particularly set up for students majoring in economics and management. These two branch libraries occupy an area of 2,800 square meters with 248,000 Chinese books, 80,000 foreign books, 17,000 Chinese journals and periodicals, 13,000 foreign journals and periodicals, 4 multimedia laboratories, 2 network platforms, 3 proprietary databases. The branch library of management has a collection of 25,000 books, 200 kinds of brand-new journals and periodicals and 4,677 out-dated bound volumes. 

(2) Comprehensive Digital Periodical Databases 
The library has subscribed to the important English-Chinese core databases and introduced 51 database systems and 149 databases, such as Chinese Scientific Journal Full-text Database, EBSCO, Scopus, and ISI Web of Science and so on. These databases cover the majority of disciplines of Nankai University and provide a guarantee of information resources for the well-rounded improvement of teaching, research, and the academic level. In addition, Nankai library has become a member of “China Academic Library and Information System” (CALIS), the Novelty Search Station of the China Ministry of Education , and a supporting literature center of arts and sciences for the construction of the University Digital Library of Tianjin. Nankai library has a branch in the Business School, which has provided teachers and students with constant support in their academic research. The School is equipped with computer laboratories with a total of 182 desktop computers, which are fully accessible to all the students. In addition, there are different types of laboratories in the Business School in support of research, such as development laboratory of human resources evaluation.

(3) Excellent Information Retrieval Service
With respect to the patterns of using information and documents, Nankai library will give stronger support to MBA program by depending on the development of information technology. With the introduction of the library management system UNICORN from the American company SIRSI, Nankai library has fully realized the integrated computer management for all services. Currently, there are 10 sets of servers with a total data capacity of nearly 8TB which allows over 3,000 daily visitors. Meanwhile, the library offers the Open-shelf service and the library is open for 114 hours per week. In addition, the multi-functional digital reading rooms with 284 seats are separately located in the main library, the branch library of economics and the branch library of management, providing users with networks, CD-ROM and other electronic information retrieval and consulting services.By setting up an online information desk, offering free training and “Literature Retrieval Course,” establishing a subject librarian system, opening online book-selection system and other services, Nankai library can carry on interactive consultation with readers, thus stimulating the initiative and effectiveness in librarians’ work. Nankai library will take the occasion of establishing the “Ministerial-Level Scienceand Technology Novelty Search Workstations of Science and Engineering” by the China Ministry of Education as a chance, and will offer services on science and technology novelty search. It will provide kinds of information services such as science and technology project consultation, novelty search of research output, paper collection and reference verification, disquisition /orientation retrieval, thus Nankai library can further improve its service level.